What we offer


Our operational network
There are three levels in the framework that D4D uses to facilitate assistance to medical doctors. It is vital for us that each doctor who requests help has a dedicated counsellor, a colleague who is on hand to lend support and monitor the journey as a buddy, but who does not coach his colleague himself.

First level: fellow doctors
First of all, we want doctors to be able to rely on their colleagues. In the course of 2016, the association of GPs of Antwerp will appoint 2 fellow doctors for the province of Antwerp, together with Domus Medica and the support of the King Baudouin Foundation and the National Lottery. This group of contacts will be trained and will learn from one another through intervision and supervision. At the request of the physician in distress, they will explore the possibilities for support or professional help. Where necessary, the co-doctors will refer to the second level (through D4D or directly).

Second level: the professional network
If necessary, referral to an expert network of psychiatrists, medical doctors with a specific expertise, psychologists and coaches is possible. This multidisciplinary operational network was recently established and will specifically coach the target group of medical doctors. This network can also request assistance from a supervisor and an external group of experts (for specific legal, financial, tax questions or specific team coaching…).

Third level: admission
In some cases, the physician may have to be admitted. This may be because the doctor is unable to settle down in the comfort of his own home, or because the precarious nature of the situation does not allow for ambulatory care.
In the latter case, a short stay in a specific, specialised and discreet facility may be considered along with psychiatric counselling.