For Whom?


Who can contact D4D?

– Medical Doctors

  • Both GPs and specialists
  • Trainee doctors
  • Younger doctors
  • Older doctors

– Family members of medical doctors
– Colleagues

Why contact D4D?

– Problems with your work/ life balance
– You have doubts about your job or your career
– You suspect that you are on the verge of or are suffering from burnout
– You are searching for solutions to cope with your workload which is too high
– The organisation of your practice falls short
– You feel depressed
– You have considered suicide
– You are being bullied or intimidated at work
– You are addicted to certain drugs, alcohol, and you want to quit, but have no idea how
– You have legal questions regarding charges/a complaint
– You worry about a physician in your (family or professional) surroundings, and feel powerless because you are unable to offer suitable help
–  …

D4D works with GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists and coaches. For each of the above questions, we can find the right support for you, which meets your specific needs.