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3 Thursday evenings from 26/05/2016 to 16/06/2016 D4D How do I stay inspired as a doctor? How do I prevent burnout?
25/05/2016 KULeuven stages geneeskunde Burn-out (voor)zien
09/06/2016 UCSIA and IKKS ZINergie: Impulse Day: Producing Meaning within Organisations
18/06/2016 Centrum voor Stressmanagement National Stress Prevention Day
25/06/2016 Dr. Ellen Stoffelen Training: tested by horses


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15 + 16/04/2016 D4D INTERVISION GROUP “You as a resource”
19/03/2016 Society for Psychosomatic Medicine Getting a grip on lifestyle and stress
6 Saturdays from 20/02/2016 to 13/05/2017 Inter-university permanent training “Management and leadership for doctors”
4+5/03/2016 Marita Stas and dr Jan Devriendt Two-day supervision for doctors and GPs “coping with power(lessness)”
20/02/2016 Colloquium 20 February 2016 Colloquium The New GP Practice
4 + 5/02/2016 De Vries and Rijke Autonomy as the base of health promotion
03/12/2015 ACT The ACT model, a compass for making a fresh choice after recovering from burnout
18/11/2015 UZA Research Club Objective parameters for the rehabilitation of fatigued patients
12/11/2015 Society for Psychosomatic Medicine Symposium SOMA and PSYCHE
20/10/2015 Waerbeke Waerbeke Conference 2015 in Leuven.
Theme: Conflict & Compassion
22/10/2015 D4D Intervision operational network 3
08/10/2015 King Baudouin Foundation COMMENCEMENT DAY ‘WARM CITIES’ & CELEBRATION 10 YEARS ‘GoforHappiness’
15 en 16/10/2015 DE VRIES AND RIJKE Basic course: Autonomy as the cornerstone of health promotion
16/10/2015 CESI Symposium: burnout in health care workers
22/09/2015 ACCO Symposium: burnout in health care workers
26/09/2015 MEDIPRESS SERVICES Scientific Symposium on BURN OUT
15 tot 17/09/2015 Centre for Stress Management National Stress Prevention Day
12/09/2015 D4D Training gatekeepers
18+19/09/2015 ECHTT Two-day supervision for doctors: how to effectively cope with power(lessness)?
10/09/2015 D4D 1st Workshop D4D: Does our doctor’s white coat still fit?
11 tot 18/08/2015 Sofie-Ann Bracke SUMMER COURSE TAIJIWUXIGONG®
1+2+3+4/07/2015 IVC vzw Summer flow
18/06/2015 HAVAC Recap Thursday 18 June 2015 at 8.30 p.m. RIZIV/GP
17/06/2015 Sofie-Ann Bracke Webinar Stress Management and Posture
5+6+7/06/2015 In Poustinia Putting assistance in perspective
04/06/2015 LOGO Mental Welfare and Self-care
28/05/2015 ACT Introduction to ACT for health care workers
20/05/2015 UZGent Symposium: stress and burnout in (trainee) hospital doctors
06/05/2015 Lentis Congress Integral Psychiatry: The (G)GZ crisis?
04/05/2015 tot 22/06/2015 Kate De Loore Group training ‘Letting go: a different take on worrying’
27/04 – 03/05/2015 Ludo Keunen & Jan Devriendt Walk-shop
23/04/2015 D4D Intervision group Pilo group Operational Network
21/04/2015 Mariet Paes We offer care together
27+28/03/2015 D4D Intervision group doctors: moving from your core
13/03/2015 Society for Psychosomatic Medicine Society: Signal-Symptom-Disorder
27+28/02/2015 D4D Intervision group doctors: moving from your core
26/02/2015 D4D Starter group junior doctors
05/02/2015 D4D Starter group junior doctors
15/01/2015 D4D Starter group junior doctors
11/12/2014 CHI Quality of life of oncology health care workers. Tired of empathy?
05/12/2014 Ehipassiko Doctor: personal growth & transition
27/11/2014 preventieconferentie Why a healthy employee is so important
20/11/2014 Loopbaan kompas Burn-out, now what?
01/10/2014-31/10/2014 Domus Medica Participate in suicide prevention research DM
08/11/2014 Domus Medica The fixed price system: a bless or a curse
23/10/2014 The Human Link Intervision for doctors coaching burnout
22/10/2014 Order of Medical Practitioners Evening colloquium: “Doctor in Distress”
11/10/2014 Domus Medica GP & Architecture Tour
04/10/2014 Domus Medica MPW CTRL+ALT+F*CK – GP and internet
03 + 04/10/2014 28 + 29/11/2014 Society for psychosomatic Medicine VFrom Mindfulness to compassion training for doctors
25/09/2014 Society for psychosomatic Medicine Primary psychosomatics
19 + 20/09/2014 Society for psychosomatic Medicine &
Het Ontwikkelingsinstituut
Two-day workshop “Doctors & coaches in transition”
16 + 17/09/2014 ggzcongres Who am I for you? Human images in mental health care
05/06/14 + 12/06/14 + 19/06/14 The Human Link Short training: coaching of burnout in the doctor’s practice
24/05/2014 ICHO Public defence of Master-after-Master’s dissertation
17/05/2014 UA Update on issues related to alcohol abuse
10/05/2014 Orde der Geneesheren Symposium: Doctors struggling with their job